15 Self-Love Guided Journals Worth Every Penny

If you are a black woman on a journey to self-love, consider adding a self-love-guided journal to your daily habit.

More black women are focusing on self-care through loving actions but have no clue where to begin or how to keep it up. Using a guided journal not only allows you to record your favorite moments through writing practices, but it is also a less intimidating way to stay consistent.


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An Intro Guide to Self-Love Journals

If you are new to writing in a daily journal, weekly journal, or digital journal, using a self-love guided journal is a great way to start. 

Numerous journals usually contain a weekly page, a weekly reflection page, weekly spreads, journal prompts, inspirational quotes, and monthly self-expression pages. Some journals even contain a blank page or coloring page for creativity. 

You can choose an illustrated journal or a minimally designed self-love journal that has themes, guides, and gentle suggestions that speak to you. Regardless if it’s a day journal or not, you can start at any point in the year and come back the following year to reflect on your progress. When done with the right intentions, a self-love journal can feel like a daily mental and spiritual spa day. 


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How Does Journaling Help with Self-Love?

There are so many benefits to using a self-love journal. Here are a few good things that are worth pointing out: 

  • Can act as a slow ritual that can give you the confidence to take the next steps in your development journey
  • Reduces negative self-talk with daily reminders of what makes you unique. 
  • Self-reflection prompts to influence meaningful intentions  
  • Can help you practice gratitude and forgiveness.
  • Helps maintain a positive mindset and good mental health to boost self-esteem. 
  • Helps properly assess the false connection with the outside world for greater happiness

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If you have been looking for the right self-love guided journal to help you appreciate your mental and physical self, look no further. I rounded up a complete list of self-care journals that are sure to elevate your journal experience. What makes them even more special is, that they are made for, and with, black women in mind. 


List of Self-Love Guided Journals 


Soul Healing: A Guided Journal for Black Women

Prompts to Help You Reflect, Grow, and Embrace Your Power 

By Sharron Lynn


daily habit


Self-Love Journal for Black Women

100 Days of Guiding Journaling for Self-Development and Healing 

By: Alexus Divine


weekly journal


You Are Amazing As F***k Love Yourself, A Self Care Journal for Black Women

By: Manifesting for Black Women


self-love guided journals is a great


Brown Girl’s Guide to Self-Love

By: Michelle S. Smith


weekly reflection page


You Are That Girl

By: Jacqueline Kademian


journal prompts


Self Care Workbook for Black Women

By: Stress Less Press


inspirational quotes


Self-Love Meditation Journal

By: Bella Press


monthly self-expression pages


Self-Esteem Workbook For Black Women

By: Spiritual Solace


blank page


Calm As Ever

By: Latoya Nicole


self-love journal


Self-Love Journal For Black Women

A Journal with Prompts and Positive Affirmations for Increasing Self Confidence, Boosting Self-Esteem, and Practicing Self Love

By: Dazzling Prints Publishing


gentle suggestions


Journal for Black Women: Affirmations and Gratitude

52 Weeks of Pages for Journaling and Prompts 

By: Viv Williams


day journal


The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds Journal

By: Nijiama C. Smalls


slow ritual


Self-Care Journal for Black Women:

Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health Planner

By: Trendy Self-Care Journals


negative self-talk


 Self-Care for Black Women:

150 Ways to Radically Accept and Prioritize Your Mind, Body, and Soul

By: Oludara Adeeyo


self-reflection prompts


Shadow Work Workbook for Black Women

45-Day Spiritual Journal for Self-Discovery, Healing, Tracking, and Self-Awareness

By: Hadley Walker


meaningful intentions


Self-Love Guided Journals for a Happier Life

I hope you were able to find a self-love guided journal that creates a safe space for you and inspires your beautiful journey towards self-love. 

Always remember that in a world that is full of body shame, distorted beauty norms, and mistreatment of black women, it can be hard to constantly love ourselves no matter how many positive advocates we have. 

A self-love journey doesn’t happen overnight. Try challenging yourself to a 30-day journey of self-discovery using a mindfulness journal, it might result in you finding new ways to live your best life! 

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Have you tried a self-love journal from this list? Do you have a suggestion for the perfect journal, daily prompts, or self-help books that should be added to our book lists? Let us know in the comments below!

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