Preparing Your Mind With These Self Love Mantras For Valentines Day

One of my favorite self-love songs is by Savanna Cristina.

It’s the perfect mood for I am worthy of love while amplifying the message of empowering you to love yourself.

Manifesting self-love is vital to one believing that taking care of themselves creates time to connect and attract love to ourselves.

Self-love mantras aren’t just about reciting quotes and phrases from memory.

It’s about starting the day reinforcing positive qualities about yourself through believable statements.

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, preparing our minds is crucial because self-love is so powerful.

self love mantras

What Are Self Affirmations For Self Love?

Just like the name insinuates, they are statements or mantras you say to yourself to foster positive mental thoughts.

Think of it as a form of self-love pep talk you give to yourself every day when you need it, or when you’ll think saying it in the present will help you combat negative feelings in the future.

Positive affirmations are a great way to promote honest communication while honing in on the value and assets you bring to the world.

Self-love manifestation doesn’t begin in a blink of an eye, it’s a process.

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Things To Remember About Daily Self Love Affirmations

I offered a sample of self-love affirmations in my body positivity quotes post. Have you read it?

From the positive feedback, I started to prepare my mind to generate a list of affirmations for self-love because heck, we all could use a boost in the area.

Waking up to facilitate time to repeat these uplifting affirmations isn’t required because some of us aren’t morning people.

Remember, these are affirmations are for all areas of life so, commit to them when you can truly focus on spending time connecting with what you need.

The more you do them, the more likely spending time with yourself will be something you look forward to doing.

A step that is often overlooked when creating positive thought vibrations is the belief that even if you don’t believe it, you have to say it anyway.

If an affirmation doesn’t work for you, find one that does. Create your own to attract the same positive mindset.

empowering you to love yourself

Positive Self-Esteem Words

  1. Creating an open communication with myself will in turn increase happiness and more peace in my life.

2. I am loveable and capable. I can serve others while not forgetting about myself.

3. I am open to bringing love into my life.

4. I am loving myself so deeply because it is necessary and needed.

5. I am worthy of love and affection.

6. The only thing I’m getting high on is loving myself.

7. I can feel like I don’t feel worthy of love and still find joy and be kind.

love yourself and let go

Self Confidence Affirmations

9. Happy Self Love Day to me. I am proud of this version of myself.

10. Self Love is the key to manifestation just like a hug is the key to releasing endorphins.

11. My purpose in this life is to create beauty around me. I chose to keep spreading that deep deep beauty.

12. I am not allowing what happened to me in the past to dictate what I’m going to be in the now.

13. I am deserving of all things on this day but every day. No holiday will be able to tell me any different.

14. Self-love is not telling myself to begin loving myself quickly. Self-love is remembering how capable I am to do many things.

15. In order to heal, I will not rush the process to heal.

I don't feel worthy of love

Peace And Love Affirmations

17. Sometimes goodbye is the highest form of self-care. I am so grateful for that level of awareness.

18. I am filled with forgiveness for every negative thought about myself. I am so dope it’s insane.

19. I am going to boldly show up for myself, daily and consistently.

20. I want no part in downplaying my gifts or blocking my blessings.

21. Here’s a self-love idea: falling in love with every part of what makes me, me.

22. Meditating to feel good about me is a non-negotiable right.

23. I consistently reach higher frequencies the very moment I believe that I am worth that everyday kind of love.

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Things To Say In The Mirror Everyday

27. My biggest reward for getting over my fear is getting over my fear. Here’s to slaying those unhelpful thoughts.

28. My self-talk consists of checking in with myself and talking out loud about what delicious meal I’m going to have.

29. Love is only a nudge away. It is always there reminding me to take time with myself.

30. I no longer need to be validated by others. I only need that one, yes and it comes from me.

31. The reminder to love me comes in the form of nudges, heavy waves, or a tap on the shoulder. My self-love is unlimited.

high on loving you

Daily Rituals & Positive Affirmations to Attract Peace Love And Happiness

I hope you feel mentally stronger reading these and that it results in improving your self-love habits because if we don’t train our minds to think in a way that brings out the best in us, we will lose sight of our value.

And you have so much to offer in this life.

Which affirmation type was your favorite one out of the bunch that you will use for yourself?

I am worthy of love

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