The 8 Self-Love Poems You Should Be Reading to Yourself Starting Now

Being good to yourself with love is hard, but these self-love poems I’ve handpicked for you will make it a little easier. Start from number one and work your way down the list- reading each poem with self-love and care.

Here are eight poems about self-love that you should be reading to yourself right now. I sincerely hope that these short poems bring you life-changing comfort in this present moment.


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A Collection of Poems to Tap Into Your Inner Self


The universe is inside of you by Rupi Kaur

the universe is inside of you

look inwards

and see yourself

for who you really are

we are all made of stardust

and we are all beautiful

when we love ourselves unconditionally

Why We Love It: It’s the first poem on the list by well known poet, Rupi Kapar. This self love quote and poem is short, sweet, and to the point.

It’s a reminder that we are all made of the same stuff- stardust. And we are all beautiful when we love ourselves unconditionally. What better place to start than with a poem that reminds us of our own inner beauty?


Self Love Poetry by Becca Lee

I am sorry but this is my time.
The time I choose to be selfish.
The time that I need to turn within
to tend and nurture —
to bear white flags across the battlefield
that I have allowed my body to become.
I have turned away (inwards)
not because I have any less love
for the world around me,
but because I am focusing on
finding more love for myself.

Why We Love It: This is the perfect poem for anyone who is struggling to find self-love and make it a priority.

This poem is about making the choice to turn inward and focus on self-love, even if it means turning away from the world for a little while.


collection of poems


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Pairs of Poems by April Green

i have a secret:

it takes time

to learn the

language of



Self-Love Story Positive Affirmation Poem by April Green

that’s the beautiful

thing about self-love-

you wear it like a dress

and it becomes more and more


with time.

Why we love April Green: From her first poetry book, we’ve been hooked. Ms. April Green has a way of turning our attention away from things that don’t serve us to the kind of love that does.

Green’s self-love poems always make us feel better about ourselves and these two are no different.



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A Thousand Stories Long by Nikita Gill


You are a thousand stories long.

with the depth of the ocean

and an entire constellation

woven into your soul.

And you must remember this

before any man

tries to convince you

that you are less.

Why we love little things and reminders like this one: We love this self-love poem because it is a reminder of how vast and deep we are as women. We are not just one story, we are many.

And our worth cannot be determined by any man. Being a best friend to your self is a lifelong love affair and the most rewarding one you’ll ever have.


Self-Love By Lang Leav

Once when I was running,

from all that haunted me;

to the dark I was succumbing-

to what hurt unbearably.

Searching for the one thing,

that would set my sad soul free.

In time I stumbled upon it,

an inner calm and peace;

and now I am beginning,

to see and to believe,

in who I am becoming-

and all I’ve yet to be.

Why we love this true love, self-love kind of quote: This self-love poem is one of our favorites because it is a reminder that self-love is a journey. It’s not something we achieve overnight and it’s not something that is ever “done.”

It can take a long time to realize that we are constantly evolving and growing into our best selves, and self-love is the foundation that helps us get there.


taste of this new life


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Self-Love by James Crews

Treat yourself as an honored guest
in your own home. Sweep the floors,
whisking loose hairs and crumbs
into the dustpan, clearing cobwebs
as if you were about to arrive here
for the first time. Stoke the fire
in the wood stove, stacking logs
of birch and maple, whose bark
curls into flames that will warm
the whole house as you step inside
your body, learning to love its shape
like never before. Offer yourself
the wedge of brie you’ve been keeping
at the back of the fridge, pop open
whatever bottle you’ve been saving
for the moment you finally become
your own dream date, your own
special occasion. Now sit at the table
set for one, and feast on a simple
meal of bread and cheese, relishing
each taste of this new life, which has
always been waiting inside you.

Why we love this work of art poem: Even when you are having a difficult year, there is much time to self-love. This self-love poem is a beautiful reminder to take care of yourself and love yourself as you would an honored guest in your own home.

It’s also a reminder that self-love doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – sometimes the simplest things are the best. The taste of this new life known as self-love is something to savor.


Deeper Level Self-Love Poem by Christopher Pointdexter

here’s to the empaths.

to the emotional artists.

to the ones whose outlet

is simply feeling.

you are braver

than you know.

Why we love this poem: I love a poem that’s in celebration of my presence and all of the other empaths out there. We are often told that we feel too deeply or that we are too sensitive.

But this self-love poem reminds us that our ability to feel deeply is what makes us brave. It is a reminder to embrace our empath powers and use them to create and connect with others. Much love to those of us who feel deeply.




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Deeper Level of Self-Love Poetry

In conclusion, self-love is important and poems can be a great way to remind ourselves of that. These eight self-love poems are some of our favorites. They each offer a different perspective on self-love, but all eight emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally.

We hope you’ll take some time to read these self-love poems to yourself often, and that they help you to cultivate a deeper level of self-love. One of the best ways for this effort to stick is to use items like sticky notes , mantra cards, or a self-love journal, choose one self-love poem to keep with you as a reminder to practice self-love every day.

The next time you are struggling with any aspect of self-love, remember all the hard work it took for you to get the point of being aware of the struggle. Your energy is precious.

Happy self-loving!

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