Our Picks For The Best Self-Love Workbooks for Black Women

Self-love plays a vital role in the mental health of black women. These books provide actionable tips, workbooks, and self-love advice.

We’ve got some recommendations if you’re looking for a self-love workbook that speaks to you as a black woman. Owning a helpful workbook that you will want to use weekly is hard to come by, but we did the work for you.

Here are our picks for the best self-love workbooks for black women:


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Self-Love Journey: Workbooks for Black Women


Self-love workbook for black women: An unconventional self-love guide


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The author of the self-love book workbook, Dolores Maaike is generous with her self-love tips for black women. Make no mistake when undecided if this is the book for you, it is.

As part of the journey of self-love, the author emphasizes to readers that the life-changing guide works when you discover that the source of loving yourself begins with your roots as a black woman. How pivotal and inspiring is that?

This 12-week workbook can produce positive changes for many black women, helping them reach their full potential with the life-changing magic of self-love.

If you’re a woman of color who can relate to feeling inadequate, allow this wonderful workbook to show you how to fall in love with yourself, bit by bit.

Editor-approved book on the importance of self-love: Ancestrally speaking, this is perhaps one of the most creative ways I’ve read about addressing your unique needs.

Self-help workbook for black women guide includes:

  • Day planner of motivating reflection prompts
  • Helpful advice on how to rediscover ancestral community for those struggling with a lack of self-love
  • Offers personal stories and techniques to increase self-love each time you indulge in new lessons.

Self-love workbook for black women: Empowering exercises to build self-compassion



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If you’re on the hunt for a book that offers concrete steps to have a positive mindset while showering you with therapeutic tools to find genuine happiness with yourself, this is the self-love workbook for you.

The author takes her time to help readers understand that self-love and self-compassion start with them. After all, why should anyone else be in charge of our happiness?

This self love workbook is designed to help black women build self-compassion with practical and easy-to-follow exercises.

Editor-approved book for embracing the gift of self-love:

The author of the self-love workbook does a great job at not minimizing the importance of self-love and self-compassion for black women. Although it’s a great book to address self-love, in the same breath, it’s also an important tool to help develop better self-care habits.

Features inside this book for prioritizing personal growth:

  • Interactive activities with warm affirmations greeting you
  • Insightful writing exercises nudging you to embrace your true self without judgment
  • Witty prompts with a focus on the important role of mental health

Self Care Workbook for Black Women: 52 Week Guided Check-in Journal, Planner & Activity Book for Well-being




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While coming to an understanding of self-love, spending time with your self-love workbook should feel like self-care. This book is designed with that intention in mind.

Better relationships are formed when we have a strong foundation with ourselves. This self-love guide will help you achieve that by providing relatable content, tips, and resources.

Editor-approved book for better self-care practices: This 160-plus page workbook is a self-care guide that’s easy to follow. Addressing the most common self-care domains, it’s one of the latest self-love workbooks on the market.

This incredible self-discovery book includes:

  • Weekly and monthly self-care trackers
  • Goal trackers to monitor your progress
  • Self-love checklists to ensure you’re moving in the right direction

Self-esteem workbook For Black Women: A Guided Journal For Self Love, Discovery, Healing Your Inner Child & Increasing Confidence


greater self-esteem

A bonus book on the list, this book is for black women who battle with low confidence and/or low self-esteem. This self-love workbook is a guided journal that helps with self-discovery and healing your inner child.

Many books address one’s own emotional health, but there aren’t many with a focus on self-love and self-esteem for black women. This book is a standout and essential addition to any self-love library.

Editor-approved book if you’re looking for something to help boost self-esteem:  For someone seeking greater self-esteem, having creative activities to do to help increase confidence is essential. Self-help books like this one will aid in the personal transformation of self-love.

With the help of this interactive workbook, you will discover

  • Reflective writing prompts
  • A self-assessment at the first step to measuring where you are currently
  • Weekly self-care activities offered throughout the workbook

The ideal self-help books for addressing self-love and more

If you’re looking for self-love books that offer actionable tips, resources, and exercises to help increase self-compassion, the three self-love workbooks and bonus self-esteem workbooks we’ve shared are ideal for you.

With a focus on the important role self-love plays in the lives of black women, these books are an excellent fit for anyone looking to improve their self-care practices and develop better relationships—with themselves and others.

Do you have a self-love workbook that’s helped you on your journey? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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