Summer Box Braid Hairstyles For Black Women To Try

Summer braiding styles have been a lifesaver for black women, the go-to protective hairstyles save our beautiful strands from breakage, and are one of the most culturally significant hairstyles for black people.

Looking for a new summer hairstyle to try? Why not try box braids! Box braids are a popular style among black women. In this blog post, we will show you some of the best summer braid hairstyles for black women.

There are many different styles of box braids but before we dive into it, let me answer some of the most asked hair braid-related questions. So, you’ll be super prepared before you make your next box braid hair appointment.


summer box braids
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What Size Box Braids Last Longer?

The size of your box braids will determine how long they last. If you’re looking to carry your braids for over 4 weeks then small to medium-sized braids will do you justice. Hairstylists always say the smaller your braids, the longer they last. 

Smaller braids are able to keep your hair hidden for a long time. For jumbo braids expect a four to five weeks lifespan. Jumbo box braids are sectioned into larger sections. I love how this box braid guide explains in detail all you need to know about braid sizes.


waist length box braids
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Do Knotless Box Braids Last Longer Than Box Braids?

A lot of us often get confused when we hear knotless braids, is knotless braid the same as box braids? Knotless braids are a variation of box braids that don’t include a small knot at the scalp.

Depending on how well you take care of your knotless braids they should last at least four weeks which is practically the same time as traditional box braids.


How To Style Your Box Braids?

Let’s be honest, 90 percent of us have box braid styles saved on Pinterest because there are so many easy ways to style your box braids that are perfect for summer. 

When you’re in bikini mode try the half up half down style, or the side swoop (Simply place your braids to one side of your face preferably with a fine silk scrunchie).

Another hair tip is to add some color with a beautiful turban. If you’re in princess mode, the classic double braids would suffice, add some accessories to make it pop. 

Let’s dive into what small, medium or big box braid styles are trending this summer for black women? 


summer braid hairstyles black woman
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Knotless Box Braids With Curls

I love me some curls! Curly braids hairstyles are always a step in the right direction, whether they are at the tip of your extensions or on your natural hair. Step away from the regular bland box braids and try out this gorgeous box braid hairstyle.


knotless braids curly ends
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Boho Box Braids

Boho braids just exude carefree energy, you know how you feel when you’re in a kimono sipping a glass of wine, and then strands of hair drop on your shoulders? Be wild and free, try out this look for a braid idea for summer.


boho box braids
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Knotless Box Braids

Out of nowhere, Knotless braids suddenly took over the black girl hair trend table. The great thing about knotless braids is that they are incredibly easy to style, if you opt for the long braids, most women will wear them down, in a pony, or half up half down.

You can bend them in any direction and they’ll follow your command. Knotless braids can be made in any size or length depending on your preference queens.


knotless box braids
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Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids? Sign me up fast! This hairstyle is giving effortless chic. A great summer hairstyle to have, just wake up, dress up and go, let the chunky size do the talking.

If you’re wondering how to style jumbo box braids, there’s no need to fret. You can always wrap it up in a bun or accessorize it with scrunchies or just let the braids hang, as is.


jumbo box braids
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Waist Length Box Braid Hairstyles For Summer

Waist-length braids will always pass the summer vibe check. Make them in medium size for that perfect look. 

The great thing about long braids is the versatility, you can style them in so many different ways. For that dramatic effect when you’re showing off your summer body at the beach, let the hair fly queen!


waist length box braids
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Bob Box Braids

The classic bob will never disappoint. Now that the weather is getting warmer, another great protective style that offers a simple go-to look without the worry of trying to style it every day.

Probably the simplest hairstyle out of this roundup, it’s reminiscent of Jada Pinket Smith box braids during the late 1990s. In fact, many of us can recall box braids on black girls being one of the most popular styles around during that time.

This style is perfect for a day of errands, or a casual day at work. It’s low maintenance and will keep your hair out of your face.


bob box braids
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Jumbo Braids With Beads

Not your regular jumbo braids sis! The beads elevate this braid style and give it a playful edge. I love it and I would recommend this for summer one hundred percent. 

This is style has been making a nice return as one of the dopest summertime black hairstyles for black women to rock. You can choose crystal beads, wooden beads, or even colored beads to add more flair to the look.


jumbo box braids with beads
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Braids With Color Highlights

Summer and colors are like two peas in a pod, in the spirit of the season, add some color to your hair for an extra spark. I love this option here with a simple detail in the front with two green for the highlight as the client’s choice. 


box braids with color
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Knotless Braids With Color

Is it even summer if we don’t mix colors with our box braids? Embrace the fun and braid your hair with some color. You can go for one bright color braid like fully purple or mix dark and bright colors for contrast.

It all depends on your preference but I mean, have you seen KB?! She opted for a Coi Leray look and we love to see it!


purple coi leray braids
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Small Sized Box Braids

Shout out to all the brave women who wouldn’t mind spending 6+ hours at the salon just to get their hair done! We see you, and this one’s for you.

Small-sized box braids have the advantage of lasting longer than any other box braid size. Plus, they are much more flexible so you can style them as much as you want without stressing your scalp.


small box braids
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Box Braids On Black Girls

Black women will always kill it on box braids because honestly, it was made for us! Period! 
Braids have a way of boosting your confidence and just making you embrace your inner queen.

This summer make that trip, stick to your skincare routine, throw on a summer dress, read amazing books by black authors and just enjoy the warm weather.


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