10 Dessert Recipes for a Sweet Summer Treat

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were having a discussion about what desserts for warm weather we crave. Ultimately, one mention of a nostalgic summer treat led to another and before you knew it, we had compiled quite the list of crave-worthy baking ideas for summer.

Without question, summer naturally coincides with family and friend gatherings but for those who want to bake but are not sure what exactly, I’ve put together a good list of summer treats below.


summer treats


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Alas, the summer sweets we can’t go wrong eating.

Peach Cobbler Egg Rolls



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Why We Chose It: Peach cobbler anything is a classic southern favorite let alone a classic summer dessert. This isn’t your typical lazy girl cobbler we’ve all searched for on Pinterest. Peaches are the ideal summer fruit to use. Now is the time better than any time to enjoy them as a fun summer treat.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: Eggroll wrappers. Adopting an eggroll version to this summer dessert will reduce the baking time by a good margin. The bonus? Imagine biting into this delectable crispy bite of goodness and being met with peach cobbler filling without having had to do all of the traditional steps to make peach cobbler.


Banana Ice Cream Milkshake



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Why We Chose It: It’s easily one of the best desserts for a hot day to enjoy. This low-cal summer dessert is a great option for those of us who want to enjoy a popular summer treat without the guilt! This recipe is also super easy to make, which is an added bonus.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The bananas of course. It’s no secret that this year-round fruit is readily available during the year but have we forgotten the many ways we can utilize it? If baking summer treats is not on your to-do list, give this recipe a try.


Vegan Pound Cake

healthy summer cakes


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Why We Chose It: We received such a positive response to our Vegan crockpot recipes that we decided to create include a vegan cake recipe for all of you! Ingredients like gluten-free flour, vegan butter, and ground flaxseeds make this healthy summer cake a contender for the best summer dessert.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The ground flaxseeds give this cake a lovely nutty flavor. Ground flaxseeds are every bit of nutritious and full of good-for-you omega-fatty acids.


Glazed Blueberry Biscuits

desserts that wont melt in your mouth


Photo Soure: Divas Can Cook

Why We Chose It: This looks like the kind of biscuit that a woman makes for her family when they are craving a homemade summer treat that can be eaten for breakfast or a late summer dessert enjoyed when the sun has set and the evening air is cooling off.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: Undeniably, the glaze. What’s a biscuit without the sweet, sticky, glaze to top it off? You will be judged by everyone you know if you don’t have a vanilla glaze to finish off these blueberry biscuits. If you really want to step up your game, make a blueberry glaze to compliment the fresh berries in the biscuit.


Peach Hand Pies

summertime treats


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Why We Chose It: The obvious? I love a no-mess dessert and I bet you do too. These peach hand pies are perfect for when you want to show off your baking skills but don’t want the hassle of making a big mess or having to share your dessert.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The peaches, of course! If you can get your hands on some fresh, local peaches, even better. Nothing says summer like a ripe peach and these hand pies are the perfect way to enjoy them. This summertime treat will feel like a vacation in your mouth!


Yeast Doughnuts with Hibiscus Glaze

popular summer sweets


Photo Source: Butter Be Ready

Why We Chose It: Donuts are a popular summer sweet but this recipe has a unique twist that makes it special. The hibiscus glaze gives these donuts a beautiful pink color and a slightly tart flavor. Just think of how delicious these donuts will look on your Instagram feed!

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The hibiscus leaves. This pretty pink flower is not only beautiful but it also has a long list of health benefits. Hibiscus is known to lower blood pressure, improve liver function, and aid in digestion.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

beach dessert ideas


Photo Source: Dude that Cookz

Why We Chose It: Everyone loves ice cream sandwiches and this recipe takes them to the next level. These chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches are made following Doubletree’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The result? A summer dessert that is sure to please any crowd. This recipe alone will be deemed one of the best things to bake in the summer. Talk about a good summer treat!

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The chocolate chips, of course! These cookies wouldn’t be the same without them. Be sure to use good-quality chocolate chips for the best flavor.


Grilled Peaches and Cream

beach party dessert ideas


Photo Source: Dude that Cookz

Why We Chose It: When I stumbled on this recipe, my mind immediately started to think of beach party dessert ideas. This recipe for grilled peaches and cream is light, refreshing, and perfect for a summer day. This homemade summer sweet can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast or a decadent dessert.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The grilled peaches. This recipe would not be the same without them.


Strawberry & Lemon Cookie Ice Cream Trifle

pool party dessert


Photo Source: Dude that Cookz

Why We Chose It: This recipe offers a twist on how a traditional “trifle” dated back to the mid-1700s is typically made. This summer dessert is perfect for a picnic or pool party dessert.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The fresh strawberries. Be sure to use good-quality, ripe strawberries for the best flavor and color.


Fresh Strawberry Cake


Photo Source: Divas can Cook

Why We Chose It: Unlike ice cream, this is a dessert that won’t melt in the heat and I’m here for any dessert that I can enjoy outside. When I was a little girl, I would request my mom to make strawberry ice cream and everything about it from the ingredients to the finished look reminds me of that little girl who would implore her mom to make her favorite summertime treat.

Crave-worthy Ingredient: The strawberry icing. There would be no strawberry cake on request in my household if there wasn’t a thick layer of strawberry icing to top it off. I would even go as far as to say that the strawberry cake is good but the icing is great.


What are the top 10 summer desserts?

If you’re looking for the best summer desserts, all you need is this list! These desserts are perfect for any summer occasion, whether you’re hosting a pool party or just looking for beach dessert ideas for your friends or family to enjoy.

And with a variety of flavors and ingredients, there’s sure to be something on this list for everyone to enjoy.

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