Tough Reality Check: Thanks For Helping Me Grow

Friday, April 10th, 2020. I received the call that I  had been let go. 

The only one let go.

I was butt hurt & questioned my “why” surrounding the layoff.

Sometimes you don’t know your “why” but the realities of Covid led many people off, not just me.

I am happy that I can re-write my journey, with purpose and gusto.

The Event

I was a center director of an autism clinic. 

I hold the professional credential of being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and have worked in the special needs field for over 10 years. 

Since my layoff, the thought of working in a full time role serving autism clients triggers me at times, but I take one day at a time. 

The Mental Shift

The day I got laid off, my husband was present when I got the call.

He held me and reassured me that we would be okay. 

He knew that I knew, it was God’s will.

I was doing myself a disservice working with a company that mistreated me. 

I knew I would be in a funk but I did what any physically active sane person would do-move. 

The Action

Oh, I was on fire after that call and I turned to none other than Barre 3. 

Sis, I did one of the best at home 60 min workouts I have ever done.

In fact, that was my very first 60 min workout. I had never worked out that hard before. 

I relished in it, made it through tears and discovered the inception of my becoming on the other side. 

This workout saved me and helped me cope with my frustration by focusing on someone that was pleasant. 

Their workouts instilled the belief back into me that there are some awesome people in this world.

The Mindset

This is not to sound negative but most corporate jobs, no matter how often they tell you that you are appreciated, truly don’t appreciate you. 

So you know what, you have to possess and believe that you are enough. 

Your gifts that God put in you are not to go to waste. 

There’s just something about evolving into a growth mindset with this, that helped heal me

You have to do the inner work in order for the external to be fully aligned with the internal.

Self-Care Progress

I am pretty keen at not just analyzing other people’s behavior (for a living) but also pinpointing unhealthy, undesirable behavior of my own. 

The behaviors I needed to relinquish: 

  • Staying in bed too late 
  • Refusing to answer phone calls from family & friends
  • Eating foods high in carbs & sugar
  • Drinking 1 bottle of water per day 
  • Watching or listening to visuals or songs that made me cry or feel angry

And to accompany the behaviors that no longer serve me, here are ones that I welcomed. 

Healthy actions:

  • Drinking 7-8 cups of water per day
  • Cooking fresh food from home, also including fresh fruit.
  • Waking up no later than 9am every day
  • Checking in with friends more, giving them authentic updates. 
  • Shifting my consulting firm to full time, yay!
  • Reading my bible in the morning & watching motivational vids.

Who else can relate to being laid off in lieu of covid? What were your triggers and how did you work through them? 

Let me know!

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