3 Things You Need When Taking Photos Outside

I am no stranger to taking photos outside. If you’re a fellow bloomer, then you are familiar with how my aesthetic echoes color, vibrancy, and lots lots of energy. 

When taking photos outside, 


I just live for it all. Photographers will discourage me from taking photos around the time when the sun is out but their suggestions are always met with resistance from me. 

I love natural light over anything else and plus, my best photos come from being taken around 2-3pm.

Yes, I pay close attention to the details.

taking photos outside


As much as I take photos, preparation has always been on my side. A well-organized, and thought-out photoshoot bag, always results in the most bomb photos. 

If I’ve forgotten an item for the shoot, it will translate to my photo because my face will read worried and annoyed all at the same time. 

If you’ve picked up anything from me, you know that I also love offering practical items to my readers.

Before I share my 3 items, one of my best-kept secrets for having a seamless shoot is preparing at least 2 days in advance. 

If you are someone who tends to stress over things, your future self will thank you if you go ahead and plan way before a scheduled shoot.



                               Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan


a fan to cool you off on the hottest of days

This is the same fan I purchased almost a year ago. I put it to good use.

This fan is everything and more. The fact that it’s rechargeable and pumps out good air to cool me off, keeps me going back to it for every shoot that I book.

A girl doesn’t ask for much other than my makeup to stay on during the shoot. This is what I used for the shoot that I most recently did and even with all my changes, I was able to stay cool with this fan.

To give you some options, here is a mini battery fan, rechargeable fan, and a battery-operated clip fan

The features are enough to do the job and it gives you the option to use the battery or charge it with the USB cord.

I prefer the USB cord because I like knowing that it’s charging hours before my shoot so I know just how often I can get away with using it before it dies on me hehe.

Amazon Bluetooth Speaker

music in earshot


Bluetooth Speaker

I love having music on. Anything upbeat, 3-5 mins long, I’m in my happy place. This Amazon Bluetooth speaker had amazing 5-star ratings.

As a professionally trained dancer, I need my mind and body to hear great music while shooting content for Kb in Bloom.

Silent shoots are boring. What I I love about music is how it automatically puts my body at ease while capturing authentic shots of me smiling.

Having music playing in the background is a must! Beautiful photos are created when you are relaxed.

I don’t judge those who don’t use music but if you are someone that gets stiff during a shoot with a new photographer, create a playlist for the shoot and bring some bluetooth speakers.

Now, I couldn’t find my bluetooth speaker but I definitely recommend the one above as it’s affordable, has great ratings, and its enhanced bass feature will keep you generating dope content for your shoot.


Amazon Black Girl Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable when taking photos outside.


Black Girl Sunscreen

Now, a review of this sunscreen is wayyyyy over due. I love how supple it leaves my skin and not that matte look.

Some people prefer the 24/7 matte look but I don’t naturally go for that look as I prefer the dewy, supple look.

This sunscreen can be found on Amazon! I usually purchase mine from a local Target or at Ulta and the prices are pretty consistent; anywhere between $15-$16.

Even if you’re not someone that regularly takes photos outside, all of my melanated bloomers need to purchase this today.

This sunscreen lasts a long time. I bought 3 of them and finished the first container in 2 months.

Well bloomer, I hoped this helped you.

What would you add to this list?

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Kabrena Williams

Kabrena Williams

Hey, there bloomer! I’m the founder of Kb in Bloom. A go-to resource for BIPOC women who believe their self-care is non-negotiable. I’m most likely riding my bike on a beautiful scenic trail, baking sweet treats for my husband, watering my plants (that are all named after black iconic figures), listening to my favorite indie artist, or writing a self-care resource to help this very community on here. Come follow me on Instagram for more self care gems.

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  1. Who would have thought. I never knew these were essential part of a photo shoot. I have sweat out my makeup while filming. It looked bad. Thank you for the suggestion of rechargeable fan

    1. You’re so welcome. I’m so happy you were able to find something that could help you when shooting.

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