My Favorite Jewelry Type Pieces For Women

I practically wear the accessories you see highlighted in December, all year round because that’s my forever mood, ya feel me. These items will never go out of style but where do I even begin? The moment this Florida girl experienced a bit of cool weather, I fell hard for Fall things. I attended the University of Florida for my undergrad and all four years I was found searching for adequate clothing to keep me warm enough to be able walk to and from class all over campus.

The Game Changer

Like most college students who have never experienced having an abundance of financial aid reimbursement, I bought clothes. 

I’m not proud of this but I still have most of my college shirts and jackets because I opted for quality. 

I caught the campus bus and made my way to Ross.

I  purchased the most intricate colored peacoat I’ve ever seen.

It was so heavy and a little oversized for little ole’ me but I bought it because- I was tired of being cold and purple is my favorite color. 

From there, I started to play around with accessories, often going to the most popular retail stores like Forever 21 and H&M to ‘complete my look’.

Fall Accessories Must Haves

I became super vigilant on trending accessories for the Fall. Regardless of the season, I love gold leaf earrings or gold flower earrings.

                                                         I’ve also seen different styled earrings like gold safety pin earrings.    

It was as if my creative brain traveled to New York and copped all of the Fall trending items I could get my eyes and hands on. 

My sister La La started to jokingly refer to me as the “fashionista” out of the sister crew. 

I just love to curate a cute look, you know?

I recently did an inventory of my favorite Fall things and here are two of my go to accessories. 

Earrings, (so shocking right )

I wear earrings with almost any outfit. My style varies from eclectic to chill so of course I have to make sure I have earrings for every Kb mood. 

As you can see I love a good abstract earring with some added texture detail to it. I am also a sucker for beautiful authentic dashiki earring. My beautiful sis creates dashiki earrings like the one seen above on her Instagram page. It’s called a Pinch of Kiyah.

Rings! Rings! Plenty of Rings!

I love a great chunky hand. I say hand because I wear them on my right hand only. I haven’t quite figured out how to pair rings with my wedding ring. I love abstract, outline, chunky, African inspired rings.

What accessories do you like to pair with your outfits?

Stay Tuned for beginner friendly video on explaining my thought process of pairing earrings with my outfit.

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