self-esteem books for little black girls


When it came to generating a list for the little black girls and their mommies on a hunt for new books that grabbed the essence of black girl magic images, it was important to me that I did thorough research. It’s incredible and a good problem to be able to say that narrowing this list to 10 of the best books for the little black girl was hard. I am so proud of the black creative for highlighting little black queens in the making in a positive light.

For many black women, we can resonate with this sentiment. I remember being in grade school and feeling the curious eyes of my white counterparts gawking at my hair. This is the perfect black girl hair book for your little one.

Books For Young Black Girls

Don't Touch My Hair

Black Girl Magic

This book motivates and inspires you to own the special gifts you bring to the world as a black girl. It embodies teaching your daughter confidence through self-esteem-building books and activities.

Books For Little Black Girls

This is the coolest little black girl illustrations around. If you’re looking for a coloring book that touches on everything black girl magic, this is the book for her.

I Need You To Know...

Books For Black Girls

This is another great coloring book option for mommies who want to keep their daughters busy while leaving them inspired. The book features the achievements of Black Women who are inspiring their community all over the world.

ABCs For Girls Like Me

Books About Black Girls

Saying mantras like this is one of the main pillars of self-esteem. Best New York Time Seller, Grace Byers did an amazing job when she wrote this. Buy this book today and have it on a bookstand where your little girl keeps all of her favorite books.

I Am Enough

Black Girl Books

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