14 Best Books on Love to Swoon Over for Valentine’s Day


Bloomer, we are so excited to feature our curated collection of the 14 best books on love which were carefully selected to make your heart swoon in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

In this curated roundup, we’ve meticulously handpicked a selection of our take on some of the classic books that delve into romantic escapades, offering a diverse tapestry of narratives that resonate with the nuances of modern romance, young love, and the timeless pursuit of true love.

Whether you’re a fan of classic tales or crave a modern romance, this collection and list of books is designed to elevate your reading experience leading up to the most romantic day of the year.

Prince Jones, the charismatic host of Detroit’s Love Radio, dreams of love amid his responsibilities as the caretaker for his family. When he meets Dani Ford, an ambitious writer with her own plans, sparks fly.

Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle

Sloane Cooper, the ambitious young Black millennial professional, skillfully navigates her dream job as a video game designer. In this great read, Sloane finds herself entangled in a scheme to win back an ex.

In a Not So Perfect World by Neely Tubati-Alexander

Samira Abdel-Aziz, from a moderately traditional Muslim family, juggles arranged matches and workplace drama.

Courting Samira by Amal Awad

Elise Ngo, a real deal florist juggling bridesmaid duties and her flower shop, crosses paths with Ben Yu, her friend’s elusive younger brother.

Fancy Meeting You Here by Julie Tieu

Rooney Gao, an artist with a belief in the red string of fate, faces artist’s block until she meets Jack Liu. After a magical date, fate seems to intervene, offering them a second chance.

Red String Theory by Lauren Kung Jessen

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