Songs For Self Confidence

Twenty One

I cannot tell you how happy it warms my heart to provide songs that will give you the confidence boost you need. As I compiled this list of confidence songs. I included songs for people of all ages and tastes – there’s something here for everyone. When you feel empowered, happiness radiates from within, and the people around you will notice. So enjoy this list of songs about self confidence that will have you feeling like the queen you are.

It’s the song lyrics for me. I love the beat, and it’s the perfect song to play before a big meeting, presentation, or even just a regular day, feeling like you can conquer anything.

Walk Thru

Rich Homie Quan


Beyonce’s vocals are always on point, but the lyrics in this song are a true anthem for women everywhere. The “I slay” line has become a popular saying for women when they feel confident and own their power.


The single thing about this song that stands out to me is its focus on self-esteem and embracing your unique beauty. The catchy lyrics remind us that we should be proud of who we are and wear our “crown” (aka our inherent worth and confidence) with pride.


Kelly Rowland

The power of music gets me every time, and this classic hit by Whitney Houston never fails to boost my self-confidence. It’s a reminder that, as women, we can accomplish everything we set our minds to – we just have to believe in ourselves.

I'm Every Woman

Whitney Houston

The most poignant part of the song is when Mary J. Blige declares, “I feel good, I feel great, man, I feel amazing.” It’s a blessing to respond to someone asking how you are with such a positive and confident attitude. And this song of confidence will make you feel good, great, and amazing.


Mary J. Blige

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