Self-Care Activities for Staff Meetings 

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Staff meetings are a great time to create a positive work environment through self-care activities. Whether 1 on 1 or in large groups, a meeting break with fun self-care activities can go a long way towards team-building and boosting staff morale. Whether you have a remote team, hybrid team, or fully on-site team, team members everywhere are dealing with high stress levels and could use some self-care activities. Adding carefully prepared wellness activities to staff meetings is an easy way to improve productivity.

Even a 5 to 10-minute break can be used for a simple self-care activity. Getting outside for some fresh air takes employees away from screens and reduces eye strain. 

Short Breaks

Self Care Activities for Groups

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a simple way to reduce stress. Whether you have a large or small team, you can introduce a new deep breathing technique at each staff meeting. Team members can easily practice these techniques on their own, as needed.

Self Care Group Activities

Lead by example with this one. At the end of every meeting, share something about your team that makes you grateful. Or close out your team emails with a grateful note to the staff.

Gratitude Practice

Self-Care Activities for Groups at Work

The beginning of the day is a good time for a team conference call. Starting the day with positive affirmations about work can set the tone for your team. Affirmations set the course for a day of productivity and purpose.

Morning Affirmations

Self Care Activities for Work

A yoga session can work wonders for your team’s well-being. Bringing in a corporate yoga instructor or scheduling an online yoga class together is a great way to provide emotional self-care during a staff meeting. In addition, focused breathing exercises accompanied by yoga techniques are a great way to release stress.

Group Yoga Classes

Self Care Activities for Employees

Looking for more activities for relieving stress?

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