Songs About Loving Yourself

Twenty Seven

We all have those moments where the music just flips our switch. There is something about a song that can make you feel so much better, even if for only intervals in time while listening to it! If you’re looking for songs about self love, this is the list to come and create your playlist. These are songs I have used in my dance classes over the years. Songs with BIPOC women in mind.

Her young motherly voice serves up something so sweet that you’ll probably end up putting this song on repeat. The lyrics are a love letter to herself, affirming all the reasons why she loves being her and why loving all of the qualities that make you, you are essential.

Young Love / Cleo Soul

Self Love Songs

Self-Care / Savannah Cristina

The lyrics are simple, almost mantra-like, giving you a much-needed reminder to put yourself and your needs first. It’s a great song that alludes to the demise of toxic relationships and how the ramifications of not putting herself first have taken a toll.

Best Self Love Songs

What better way to describe self-love other than describing the struggle of balancing it with loving someone else, romantically? I love this self-love track due to the raw nature of the lyrics.

Self-love / Dreamville

Loving Yourself Lyrics

This is one of those powerful songs about finding yourself that will resonate with you so much. There’s such an inner peace that unfolds when you realize your willing to meet your self-work in the now will pay off with your future self one day.

My Future / Billie Eilish

Love Song To Myself

One of my favorite songs about loving oneself growing up was definitely this one. It brings good vibes and self-love all into one. The lyrics are so powerful and meaningful that it’s hard not to be inspired by them.

Video / India Arie

Self Love Is The Best Love

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