Breathe Easy: 27 Transformative Self Care Ideas for Stress Relief

I think we can all agree that stress has become an inevitable part of life.

Incorporating self-care ideas for stress into your daily routine may help bring more peace, health, and balance.

I’ve listed 27 self-care ideas to help you prevent, manage, or heal your stress.

Going for a long walk or long run in nature is a great way to alleviate your mind and body of stress. Be in the present moment as you walk. Take in the sights, fresh air, and the sounds of the great outdoors.

Take a Mindful Walk

If you’re looking for a great mental escape, pick up a good book that’ll help your imagination soar. If you’re in search of direction and motivation, a non-fiction book may be the best way to go for personal development.

Read a Book

Setting boundaries is one of the best self-care ideas. While we may care for the approval of those at work, or being there for our friends and family, it’s not practical to always be available to everyone.

Set Boundaries With Others

Take bath time up a notch and create an experience that’ll bring you peace and relaxation after a full day. To create a sensory bath add Epsom salt, essential oils, or your favorite bath bombs.

Create a Sensory Bath Experience

Here are a few to consider: – Dedicate one day a week to be completely free of social media. – Do an electronic detox for a weekend. – Put your phone and tablets away an hour before bed and/or refrain from checking them an hour after waking.

Take a Digital Break

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