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Thirty Three

Have you ever reached an intricate part in your self love and self-care journey and had no idea why? Shadow work prompts for letting go may be the missing key. Shadow work means taking a deep dive into past events to bring our inner shadow to our conscious life. This can help to uncover our deepest desires, the desires of our inner child, and also understand ourselves on a deeper level and get in touch with our higher self.

Healing past trauma can help you become a better best friend, parent, partner, and overall human being. Letting go of negative emotions is a great way to make room for more positivity and motivate you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Shadow Journal Prompts

Letting Go Prompts

What is one thing you regret? Take some time to reflect on why you are regretful. What feelings come up when you reflect on this regret? What emotion(s) would you like to feel instead?

Shadow Work Questions

Think of when someone made you feel you weren’t worthy of grace, forgiveness, and/or love. Write how this made you think and pretend to tell that person what you needed from them.

Shadow Work Questions

Journal Prompts

Draw a line down a piece of paper. On one side, write down some negative thoughts you have about yourself. On the other side, turn your ideas positive with an opposite statement. Then, read them out loud to yourself.

Shadow Work Prompt

Letting Go

Which part of your life must be erased to become your most authentic self? Think of why you’d like to erase that part of your life and write down which emotions arise. Write down how to bravely face these emotions to become your best self.

Shadow Work Questions

Prompts For Letting Go

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