Shadow  Work Prompts for Self-Love


We may all know and feel that we’re supposed to love ourselves, but how many of us can say that we genuinely do?  You may have seen shadow work prompts for self-love floating around social media feeds. Ever wonder why there is so much pressure? Well, it can be because this powerful tool may be the key to the unconditional self-love we are collectively seeking.

- Helps with personal growth - Brings light to unresolved emotions - Helps you gracefully merge     into your true self - Allows you to have more control over    your story and life

How Self-Love Shadow Work 

Benefits You

Journal Prompt

What is my relationship like with myself? What can I do to make it better?

For Self-Love

What emotions come up when you compare yourself to others?

Journal Prompt

For Self-Discovery

In your personal experiences, have you sacrificed who you were for somebody else?

Journal Prompt

For Deeper Self-Love

List one negative thing you tell yourself. Next, rewrite that negative thing into a positive thing. Cross out the negative so that only the good things remain.

Shadow Work Exercise

For When You Have Little Time

Are there any relationships in your life where you know that person is doing more harm than good?

Shadow Work Prompt

For Relationships

For more shadow work journal prompts and shadow work questions for relationships please click the link below!

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