Tuesday  Affirmations


It can be tough to stay motivated sometimes, especially when things get tough at work or in our personal lives. That’s why it is important to have a list of encouraging statements that we can refer to when we need them. Here are 70 positive Tuesday morning affirmations you can use to stay encouraged throughout the week.

I resist the negative thoughts that try to creep in on Tuesday mornings. Tuesday is a new day where I decide what kind of day it will be.

Tuesday Positive Affirmations

Tuesday Affirmations

Releasing all of the worry and stress from the previous day brings me peace of mind. What a perfect time to start fresh and anew!

The hard work from the previous day doesn’t have to be repeated today. I can move forward with new knowledge and a new perspective.

Tuesday Affirmations For Work

I equate Tuesday with positive energy and expect only good things to come my way today. Making time to address my needs without judgment is the ultimate sign of self-respect.

More Tuesday Affirmations

Being happy today means that I have a chance at a better tomorrow. I welcome the little things to fill my day with joy.

Tuesday Positive Affirmations

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