8 Black Woman Owned Businesses I’ve Fallen in Love With

In an era where the narrative around entrepreneurship is increasingly inclusive, female-founded, black-owned businesses are not just making waves; they’re rewriting the playbook on resilience, creativity, and community.


As the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, these women are overcoming systemic barriers, lack of access, and the challenges posed by the business world to create spaces that celebrate African-American women, their heritage, and their innovations.

From local startups to burgeoning online stores, here’s a look at eight of my favorite Black woman-owned businesses that embody the spirit of excellence and empowerment.

Kb in Bloom is my heart’s work, a direct channel through which I express my commitment to celebrating and empowering women of color. From our affirmation book to our handmade cold press soaps, each product we create is imbued with the spirit of authenticity and dedication to our mission.

Kb in Bloom

My discovery of AYO Scents Candle felt like destiny—a thread post that led me to a scent that encapsulated the essence of joy and togetherness.

AYO Scents Candle

Encountering Almasi Nail Polish was a highlight for me as a nail enthusiast. The brand’s commitment to vegan and cruelty-free products, coupled with its celebration of African heritage through the names of its polishes, spoke directly to my soul.

Almasi Nail Polish

Art has the power to move, inspire, and provoke thought, and Lori in Theory Paintings captures the essence of Black love and womanhood with every stroke.

Lori in Theory


For the foodies and culinary adventurers, Spice Suite is more than just an online store; it’s a gateway to enhancing your cooking with flavors that are as rich and diverse as the Black community itself.

Spice Suite

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