black history month Nail Ideas 

Celebrating Black History Month is a time to honor the amazing accomplishments of generations past, while also giving attention to those making history today. In honor of black history month, we have collected some of the best black history month nail ideas for you here, courtesy of talented nail artists from all over Instagram posts.

Track and field athlete, Flo-Jo, played a crucial part in the black history of sports. Known for her fast-paced running and iconic black nail art, it’s the perfect time to remember Flo-Jo’s legacy beautifully during Black History Month.


Nail Designs For Black History Month

Black Panther

Within the black community, Black Panther set a powerful and important precedent. Not only was the film a significant success, but it also showcased the African diaspora culture in all of its glory. So if you’re a huge fan of Wakanda, go for this look at your next nail service.

Black History Month Nails

These are some of the most celebratory nail sets on the list, and for good reason-they highlight, the beauty of blackness with mixed colors and a positive mantra so many black women have come to embrace. The nail polish choices for this set are worth trying out this design.

Black Girl Magic

Black History Month Inspired Nails

Current nail trends with black women are about exploring loud colors that were once deemed “inappropriate.” Play around with this beautiful design at your nail appointment.

Black Culture

Black History Month Nail Art

Black nail techs worldwide are counting down the days their clients are booking appointments with them, requesting that their nails look like this. These black history stiletto nails are a subtle statement set that oozes black pride.

Black History Stiletto Nails

Nails For Black History Month

keep celebrating black history month!

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