Bright Nail Colors To Try This Spring

Spring is my favorite season of the year because it perfectly blends the coolness of winter and the vibrance of summer.


Trust us to have you covered with the best spring nail colors that will complement your fine melanin-popping skin.

These are some of our favorite bright nail colors for spring because they are perfect for black queens.


This is first on the list because you can’t ever go wrong with a red pop of color on your nails. The contrast between the color and your skin makes it super beautiful and you already know that red is an attention commander.

Fierce Red

Every year Pantone takes it upon itself to introduce us to a new color with huge significance. This Very Peri nail polish from Orly sure has my attention!

Very Peri

This color is perfect for spring and summer if you ask me! It’s a very bold color, if you’re looking for something fresh you should try it out. This dramatic pink shade from 25th and June has all the superwoman energy you need this spring.

Dramatic Blush Pink

Though it’s not the most popular of colors but butterscotch on brown skin? I’m totally here for it! This beautiful shade of blue nail polish understands the assignment when it comes to enhancing and contrasting.

Rich Deep Blue

Can any color scream spring louder than Lavender? It’s the color of the most beautiful blooming spring flowers and it will definitely form a beautiful contrast with your caramel or chocolate skin.

Pale Lavender

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