Holiday Nail Ideas 

The holiday season always comes with a unique energy, and everything has to reflect that vibrant joy- even our nail polish colors. If you want to take a break from the normal holiday nail colors and try out new simple holiday nails, there are many ultra-fine options for you to choose from. These designs are not over the top, but they’ll still show that you embrace the season’s spirit.

The great thing about blue is that it transcends seasons. Depending on the nail designs you use blue nail polish for, they can work as fall nails, summer nails, and holiday nails. Light blue works perfectly for the season and blends smoothly with every skin tone.

Blue Holiday Nails

Cute Holiday Nails

Green Holiday Nails

If you think red nails are bright and brilliant enough for the holidays, you haven’t met green! I love how beautiful green can be, especially when combined with white. Try out darker shades of green like this one from OPI for a unique look.

Nail Colors For Christmas

We all know how the holidays can be hectic, but gel nails will give you the aesthetics and the longevity you need. They are a great option if you love to design your natural nails.

Holiday Gel Nails

Simple Holiday Nails

Top on my list has to be using glitter polish to make fireworks or reverse ombre. The great thing about the fireworks nail design is that you can wear them until new years eve because nothing says it’s a new year like fireworks.

Glitter Holiday Nails

Cute Holiday Nails

When you hear candy cane, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is white and red holiday nails. But you can achieve the same beautiful look of candy canes with other holiday colors like bright green and dark brown. Candy cane designs are simple holiday nail ideas you can try on your own.

Candy Cane Nail Designs

Red Christmas Nail Designs

keep prepping for the upcoming Holidays

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