Affirmations for black women


Affirmations are primarily used for those who need extra daily encouragement or to help manage life stressors. In this case, these black girl affirmations can be used in the same way. You can say them in the comfort of your home, during a commute, in the bathroom, or at work. There is something for every black woman on this list. You don’t have to look any further because the positive black women affirmations you need are right here.

I was born with greatness inside of me and it’s time to show the world just how great I am. I am going to keep blowing my own mind because I am that girl.

Daily Affirmations for Black Women

There is no one that has your back like a black woman. I’m grateful to be operating at that level of excellence today. Existing as a black woman is revolutionary.

Affirmation for Black Women

Morning Affirmations for Black Women

I wake up and I am so grateful to be a black woman. I’m not here to please anyone but myself because they’ll always have something they need to find fault with me.

I am that girl that will shake things up and for good reason. I’m unapologetic about it too. That black woman glow is irrefutable. I’m a whole mood.

Affirmations for Black Women

I am a capable, vibrant being that radiates success. I deserve every drop of happiness, love, and joy that comes my way. My dreams are loud and my future is bright.

Black Women Affirmations

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