Preparing Your Mind With These Self Love Mantras For Valentines Day

One of my favorite self-love songs is by Savanna Cristina. It’s the perfect mood for I am worthy of love while amplifying the message of empowering you to love yourself.

Manifesting self-love is vital to one believing that taking care of themselves creates time to connect and attract love to ourselves.

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, preparing our minds is crucial because self-love is so powerful.

- Creating open communication with myself will in turn increase happiness and more peace in my life. - I am loveable and capable. I can serve others while not forgetting about myself.

Positive Self-Esteem Words

- Happy Self Love Day to me. I am proud of this version of myself. - Self Love is the key to manifestation just like a hug is the key to releasing endorphins. - In order to heal, I will not rush the process to heal.

Self Confidence Affirmations

- Sometimes goodbye is the highest form of self-care. I am so grateful for that level of awareness. - I am filled with forgiveness for every negative thought about myself. I am so dope it’s insane.

Peace And Love Affirmations

- My biggest reward for getting over my fear is getting over my fear. Here’s to slaying those unhelpful thoughts. - My self-talk consists of checking in with myself and talking out loud about what delicious meal I’m going to have.

Things To Say In The Mirror Everyday

- Love is only a nudge away. It is always there reminding me to take time with myself. - I no longer need to be validated by others. I only need that one, yes and it comes from me.

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