Self Love Isn't Selfish: 

9 Reasons to start believing

Self-love isn’t selfish  is a term we’re very familiar with but for some reason, it’s still difficult to accept and believe. Why is that? I think a lot of us were raised believing that putting yourself first is wrong. In this post, we are going to talk about 9 reasons why self-love isn't selfish it's important!

Set boundaries with others and learn to say "No".  Be sure to make time for yourself every single day..  Do the things that make you happy and surround yourself with positive people.  None of these are selfish!

How to Practice Self-Love

without being selfish

This means that you don’t need to rely on others for your happiness. A little love for yourself creates joy and contentment from within. And when you’re happy, those positive vibes will rub off on those around you.

You Are Happier & More Content

when you love yourself

You Have More to Give

If you’re running on empty, you have nothing to give to others like your best friend, partner, or children. When you make sure your own needs are met, you can pour that love into your relationships with others.

when you love yourself

There are a ton of terrible things you can do but taking care of yourself isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s actually really important! You deserve to put yourself first and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

It's Not A Crime

to take care of yourself

When others see you thriving and being intentional about your happiness, it can inspire them to do the same. In fact, it might even make them realize that they deserve to love themselves too.

It Motivates Others

to take care of themselves

When you think of your own health and well-being first, it allows you to make better choices for yourself. If you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you expect to be at your best?

It Allows You to Make

better lifestyle choices

is self love selfish? learn more about the movement

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