Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Games


The ugly Christmas sweater party is one of the most popular holiday party trends. And for good reason – it’s a lot of fun! An ugly sweater party is a great way to bring your co-workers together and celebrate the holiday season in a fun, festive way. If you’re on the ‘holiday planning committee’ at work, here are some ugly Christmas sweater party games to keep things lively and entertaining for all your party guests.

What kind of party doesn’t have this game at the top of its list? This game is a fun way to get everyone into the ugly sweater spirit. This is the best game for your co-workers to understand that the ugliest sweater dress code must be unapologetically embraced.

Vote For The Tackiest Holiday Sweater

Unscramble The Christmas Song

This is one of the first Christmas party games I played with my co-workers, and I still remember how hard I laughed watching people around me get so competitive! Try this fun and unique game that’ll have everyone working together as a team!

Christmas Party Games

Come up with 10 categories, listing some of the most holiday classic items like Christmas decorations, reindeer names, or Christmas carols. Split your party guests into teams and give each team 10-15 minutes to come up with three items for each category.

Holiday Edition: Think Quick

Christmas Party

Find a selection of holiday movie stills. Your co-workers have to match the picture with a list of holiday movies. For each picture they think matches the movie, they get to choose one item from the ugly Christmas sweater table filled with small prizes.

Name That Movie Guess The Christmas Sweater

This is a fun game for larger groups where players have one minute to get the cookie from their forehead and put it in their mouth. It doesn’t matter how you do this—as long as no hands are involved! I will give you a forewarning to prepare to laugh so hard.

Face The Cookie

Ugly Sweater Party Game

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