Self-Care Christmas Gift Ideas

For Remote Employees

Holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking of Christmas gift ideas for remote employees. Self-care is the best gift to support remote workers while showing appreciation for their hard work. Society has come a long way in redefining what it means to work. Remote work is here to stay. However, working from home means we have to rethink how we give corporate gifts and adapt to what may be valuable for remote teams.

When discussing the need for self-care, we are told never to bring our work home to prevent stress, anxiety, and mental and emotional overload. Follow the link for a few reasons why self-care should be an essential practice for remote workers.

Why Remote Workers

Need Self-Care

Ember Temperature Control Smart Cup

With the promise of keeping any beverage at your perfect drinking temperature, this cup will allow anyone to make room for a healing cup of tea or coffee.

Great Gift

This heating pad is a great option for someone who may need a reminder to take care of themselves throughout their work day and encourage them to enjoy themselves while on their break or even while they work.

Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Perfect Gift

With its time markers and inspirational reminder quotes, this gift idea goes the extra mile to help someone make the extra effort. They will be encouraged to dedicate time and focus on their health and hydration.

Glass Water Bottle

With Time Marker Reminder

Remote workers can work from anywhere, even their beds. This lap desk can help bring some comfort and self-care to a workday. Whether they want breakfast in bed before work or to work on the sofa, this lap desk can help.

Foldable Lap Desk 

Gift Idea

Unboxme Lavender Spa Gift Box

This gift basket has everything to ensure a full day of self-care from morning to night. it would be easy to add in some me-time while working from home with this fantastic gift.

Self-Care Gift Idea

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