101 Wednesday Affirmations for Positive Mid-Week Motivation

There is no better way to get through your week than with 101 Wednesday affirmations. Whether you are getting through a work week in the office, on the field, or at home with your child(ren), a positive affirmation can help you get through it with ease.

There is no denying the power of positive affirmations. They are a great way to shift your mindset and help you lead a life that is more in tune with your hopes and desires. Positive affirmations are also great ways to combat negative thoughts and self-sabotage. 


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Fun, Interesting Facts About Wednesday’s

1. The word Wednesday means “water day” in Japanese. It is in close association with the “water star”, also known as, the planet Mercury.

2. The “D” on Wednesday may be silent in the English language, but in parts of England and Scotland, the “D” isn’t silent at all. Imagine having to pronounce that each time!

3. In the Thai Solar Calendar, Wednesday is represented by the color, green.


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How to Use Wellness Wednesday Affirmations

While it’s a great way to practice daily affirmations, having affirmations for specific days can be very effective. You can choose to use them for the best Wednesday morning affirmations or spread them throughout the day for continuous upliftment. 

There aren’t a set number of affirmations you can say in a day. You can say as many affirmations as you need to get and keep you happy and motivated. Remember, we are our biggest cheerleaders.

There are so many ways to use affirmations. Here are some ways they can help you transform your Wednesdays:

  • Write them down on sticky notes and put them on your work desk, car dashboard, or mirror.
  • Put them in your journal to reflect and remind yourself of thoughts you’d like to have.
  • Put them on your calendar to further facilitate change in mindset.
  • Meditate or pray on one (or more ) that speaks to you.

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Let’s get into it! Here is a list of positive affirmations that can give you enough mid-week motivation to keep you positive and hopeful throughout the rest of the week.


Positive Wednesday Affirmations

1. I am open to all good things today.

2. Today is a new day, full of greatness.

3. I will not let negative thoughts dominate my Wednesday. 

4. I will take a deep breath to refocus and reground myself this Wednesday.

5. Staying motivated this Wednesday does not have to be hard work for me.

6. I will have a good day.

7. Reciting powerful affirmations will keep me present this Wednesday.

8. My mind is a powerful tool, I will think positively today.

9. I will do the right thing to maintain my mental health today.

10. I am dedicated to positive thinking today.

11. I welcome positive energy into my space today.

12. Today will be a great day.

13. The middle of the week is the perfect opportunity to assess my goals for the week and what I can do to reach them.

14. With a positive mindset, I will dominate this Wednesday.

15. I will focus on positive change today.

16. I will be grateful for the little things today.

17. This day will start on the right foot.

18. Today will head in the right direction.

19. My body will tell me when is the right time to take a mental break.

20. I will not engage in negative self-talk today.

21. I will not feel pressure to be a cheerful person today, despite me feeling the opposite.

22. My mental health is important to me, I will make time to cater to it today.

23. I am open to new opportunities this Wednesday. 

24. Today is going to be a beautiful day for me.

25. Wednesday is a new opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

26. I will be comfortable in my own skin.

27. I will take the time to follow my dreams today. 

28. It is my responsibility to speak up the next time I am not treated respectfully.

29. I will say 1 positive statement to someone at work today.

30. Breathing exercises are a simple tool when I am feeling overwhelmed.

31. I got a fresh start today.

32.  I will set aside the time today for something that brings me joy.

33. I am welcoming help on a regular basis.

34. What I do is important work and is worthy of recognition.

35. Today, my mind will be focused on positive things.

36. I will spread love and kindness into the universe today.

37. Wonderful things happen on Wednesdays.

38. I am the only person responsible for my happiness today.

39. I am ready for the numerous possibilities heading my way today.

40. I will only present my best self today.

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41. When it becomes hard to love myself, I will continue to be the love of my life. 

42. I will make loving myself the greatest success of my life.

43. I will strive to positively touch people’s lives today.

44. I will utilize the correct resources that will make my day a success.

45. I am committed to having a productive day.

46. I am a complete person and don’t need anything outside of myself to feel happy and whole today.

47. I will do the necessary work today to achieve the abundant lifestyle I deserve.

48. My own choices will put me where I’m supposed to be.

49. Today is a beautiful Wednesday.

50. I am the master of my goodwill and will make this Wednesday a good one.

51. Today, I move at my own pace and will not compare myself to others.

52. This is my daily reminder to love myself and to put myself first today.

53. I will give myself the space to live my best life today.

54. I am destined for a great Wednesday morning.  

55. I am responsible for my own life and how I choose to view this Wednesday.

56. I will allow myself to enjoy this Wednesday.

57. I see reasons to smile this Wednesday.

58. I can find joy in every moment this Wednesday.

59. I am enthusiastic about spreading positive vibes this Wednesday.

60. I am eager to see how this amazing Wednesday will turn out.

61. I won’t allow any excuses that will discourage me from enjoying this Wednesday.

62. All of the right circumstances are their way to me.

63. I will not succumb to hump-day blues.

64. I will decide to stay focused throughout the rest of my week.

65. This Wednesday will attract more love to me.

66. I deserve to be loved each day of the week.

67. I am satisfied with what I have achieved in my life so far.

68. I feel happy every day.

69. I am mentally strong.

70. I am so excited to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

71. I am in connection with the world around today. 

72. Getting out of my comfort zone doesn’t have to result in something big to be considered successful.

73. This Wednesday has limitless potential and growth.

74. Today is an opportunity to be better than yesterday.

75. The positive impact I create will outweigh any negative energy I encounter today.

76. I am needed in the world.

77. My contributions to society are enough.

78. I am in control of what I feel and do.

79. The middle of the week is a perfect opportunity to learn something new and apply it to my life.

80. I can feel tired. Being tired does not equate to being useless.

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81. I will listen to my body for signs of burnout and stress. 

82. I am thriving this Wednesday.

83. I am looking forward to the success I will achieve in my work this Wednesday.

84. I will rise above the negative thoughts that are trying to make me angry, tired, or lazy.

85. I have 3 days left until the weekend!

86. I value my Wednesdays just as much as my weekends.

87. Success is attractive to me.

88. I will receive the help needed to have a successful day.

89. Wednesday is the day I overcome my insecurities at work.

90. Wednesday is the day I choose to be confident in what I do.

91. I will be a positive light for everyone that comes in contact with me today.

92. The work I put in today will positively affect tomorrow.

93. I am ready to take on every challenge that comes my way.

94. Each day I am closer to financial freedom.

95. I am ready to finish this week strong!

96. I am strong enough to overcome stress and fatigue this Wednesday.

97. I will redirect all negativity from myself and others today.

98. I am wholesome.

99. I am grateful to see another Wednesday.

100. Today will present more opportunities for self-improvement.

101. Wednesdays are my best days.

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Add Positive Affirmations to Your Self-Care Routine

I hope you’re feeling fired up, and ready to take on your Wednesdays with grace, love, and positivity. Adding this list of Wednesday affirmations to your self-care routine can help you take control of your mind and your week. 

If you are on a journey to self-love, use positive affirmations to prove to yourself that you are willing to love yourself more every day.

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Leave a comment, we’d love to hear some (or all) of your favorite Wednesday affirmations. 

Happy Healing!

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