Yoga Gift Ideas for the Yogi at Any Level

Yoga originated in ancient India thousands of years ago, and now it has increasingly become a go-to activity for relieving stress and anxiety. It is a great way to connect with your inner self, build resilience and increase your energy.  

People then practiced yoga to promote healthy living and create a balance between the mind and body. The ultimate purpose of daily yoga practice was to achieve complete happiness, and it’s still the same today.  

From physical health to mental health, the benefits of yoga are endless, so it won’t be surprising if you have one or two yoga lovers as friends or family.   

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yoga gift ideas


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What is a Yoga Enthusiast?  

A yoga enthusiast is anyone passionate about Yoga, follows a strict yoga routine, and practices different poses regardless of their level. If you’ve ever practiced Yoga or been to a yoga studio, you’ll know that Yoga has different expert levels.  

A yoga instructor would always tag routines with beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your yoga friend or loved one, you might consider gifting according to their yoga level.  

What to gift a Person who loves Yoga?  

Yoga lovers are pretty meticulous with their accessories and tools, so finding that perfect gift is a noteworthy feat. So, what do you gift to a beginner yogi? If you’ve been trying to find that perfect yoga gift, we’ve got you covered.

This comprehensive gift guide will break down the roundup of gifts according to yoga levels.  

Best Gift Ideas for Beginner Yogi’s  


Mayah’s Home Décor Yoga Mat 

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Yogis at any level will always need that perfect yoga mat because it is an essential accessory! This is a great gift idea because a yoga mat will always be helpful- no yogi can never have enough. Yoga requires a lot of stretching and body movement, so a good yoga mat should have excellent resistance and anti-slip. p. 

This Mayah’s home Décor Yoga mat is specially made for yogis of all levels, but it makes the perfect gift for beginner yogis. Made of foam, the mat is soft to the touch and cushions ideally from impact. The mat is Afro-centric and very lightweight for a yoga mat of its size. 


Half Moon Restorative Yoga Bolster  

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Restorative Yoga is a deeper level of Yoga that involves using yoga props for better posture retention. It is mainly focused on the meditative parts of Yoga, so if your yogi friend or loved one is into restorative Yoga, this bolster would make a thoughtful gift. 

I love this rectangular restorative yoga bolster by Half Moon for its durability and firmness. This bolster helps yogis at the beginner level to hold their postures effortlessly for much longer. It is strong enough to support your yogi friend during any activity and fine enough to carry around.   


CRZ High Waisted Yoga Pants



Photo Source: CRZ Yoga

The best gifts are often the most useful ones, the gifts that leave a mark on the heart of the receiver. You cannot go wrong with high-waisted yoga pants; they are super comfy and quick-drying, making them ideal for regular and next-level activity days. 

Go the extra mile and grab an entire yoga set.

  • Yoga Set from Push Active Wear The detail on this backless jumpsuit immediately captured my eye, and I can only imagine how flattering this would look on so many different body types. A plus to this positive energy set is that it comes in many colors for you to choose from.  

  • Aloyoga Airlift Line Up Set This set is perfect for every beginner yogi because it is comfy! Every yoga practitioner loves a good fit with great color options to match their other accessories. If you want to pamper your yogi best friend or family member, add one of the best yoga headbands to make it a complete outfit. 


Cleveryoga Beginner Starter Kit



Photo Source: Clever yoga

If you want to go all out, the perfect way to do that is with a yoga starter kit. Starter sets usually contain all the yoga essentials needed by every beginner yogi.

From yoga mats to Yoga straps and microfiber yoga towels, this Cleveryoga beginner yoga starter kit is perfect. It has everything a beginner yogi needs to dive into the calming world of Yoga.

Best Gift Ideas for the Intermediate Yogi  

Intermediate yogis are Yoga enthusiasts with more than a basic knowledge of yoga. They have mastered some more challenging Yoga poses and are taking longer sessions.

Intermediate Yoga involves more bending, balancing, and more Zen! What’s the best Yoga gift for the intermediate yogi?  


Healthy Line TAJ Wellness Heated Mat 



Photo Source: Healthyline

Every yogi crossed into the intermediary class deeply understands special crystals and chakra. Crystals like rose quartz and amethyst have a special place in the heart of an advanced yogi. 

This sophisticated Healthy Line TAJ Wellness mat is packed with different gemstones or crystals that release far infrared rays when heated. This is the most useful gift for a yogi who is now beginning to try more challenging poses. 

The mat helps to normalize a person’s body functionality and brings the body to a place where wellness activities become more effortless.

A crystal gift is a cool idea showing how thoughtful you are with gifts. An intermediate yogi can tap into the power of the mat’s chakras to become better at doing their yoga poses.

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp 



Photo Source: Himalyan glow store

Salt lamps are a staple in yoga studios; giving a yoga enthusiast this gift helps them to bring the calmness and serenity of their yoga studio home. Salt lamps are made from chunks of Himalayan salt with light bulbs fixed at their center.  

This salt lamp emits a warm glow that helps with stress relief and improves their physical well-being. This will prove very useful for people who have a daily yoga practice.  

Zen Nation Yoga Eye Pillow 

daily yoga practice


Photo Source: Zen nation

This beautiful yoga eye pillow is made from the highest quality silk to promote peak relaxation, block light and enhance meditation. They can be used for general relaxation sessions after yoga and deep meditation. 

It is infused with lavender to help with relaxation and flaxseed to add weight to the eyes. The best part is adding drops of your favorite essential oil to the pillow for better aromatherapy. 

Re.Spin Yoga Wheel 

Yoga wheel for better backbends, best yoga gift ideas


Photo Source: re-spin

A yoga wheel is a great tool for promoting better backbend poses and tension relief. This particular yoga wheel is a must-have for every intermediate yogi looking for more mobility.  

It also helps with muscle tightness and fits all body sizes, so you don’t have to worry about that. This wheel gives your yogi loved one the best assistance for their rigorous poses.

Best Gift Ideas for the Advanced Yogi 

Advanced yogis are not ordinary yogis; they are people who have mastered the art of Yoga for years. They have a deeper understanding of Yoga, more flexibility, and resilience, so their routines and investments reflect that.


Kanjo Acupressure Mat



Photo Source: Kanjo

A yoga enthusiast loves creating their own yoga home space. Capture this beautiful acupuncture mat whose sole purpose is to alleviate your body’s discomfort.

This mat offers creative plastic stimulators, adding support to the tired muscles in your back. If you are looking for a unique gift for the advanced yogi in your life, grab this one.

Baggedem Affirmation Travel Yoga Mat    

restorative yoga


Photo Source: Baggedem

You never know how useful this would be until the holiday season. Advanced yogis do not miss their yoga sessions, so they take their Yoga with them everywhere they go. This travel yoga mat would come in handy when they are on vacation, on a fun road trip, or even on a business trip. 

This mat is perfect for all hot, floor, and standing yoga, plus the affirmations keep the yogi inspired as you go through your poses. It might just be time to replace your yoga mat, so why not gift yourself one?


LA Active Grip Yoga Socks  

yoga socks


Photo Source: LA active

Yoga socks are an ideal gift for every yoga enthusiast. They may not seem thoughtful but trust me when I say they are! Yogis will appreciate the functionality of yoga socks with a unique grip feature when they perform more challenging twists.

The LA Active Grip yoga socks were designed to ensure that yogis perform their twists and turns without fear of slipping. It works great both for colder months and warm days.  

If you want to mix things up a little bit, add one of these Gaiam toeless yoga socks to your gift pack. They are non-slip and made from high-quality cotton.  

Alfamo Neo Cooling Towel  

hot yoga towel


Photo Source: Alfamo

This towel is perfect for hot Yoga because of its cooling properties. Hot Yoga takes Yoga to a new level because it can only be performed when the yogi has mastered flexibility.

The Alfamo Neo cooling towel works perfectly as a hot yoga towel with its soft feel and ability to stay cool for up to 3 hours. Bless your loved ones with the gift of a stylish yet functional hot yoga towel. It is effortless to clean and comes with a waterproof plastic case for safekeeping.  


Laguna Moon Essential Oils Gift Set  

premium essential oils


Photo Source: Lagunamoon

Essential oils originate from nature, so many yogis use them to remove toxins from their space. It is a great option if you want to give something with tons of uses.  

Laguna Moon is the go-to vendor for premium essential oils, so you can confidently shop this meaningful oil gift set without fear. The set contains peppermint oil, Teatree oil, orange oil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and lavender oil. 


LARQ Bottle PureVis


Photo Source: LARQ

This self-cleaning premium water bottle would help your yoga friend or loved one stay hydrated as they flex and pose. Utilizing only non-toxic mercury-free technology to sanitize and clean the interior parts of the water bottle is enough to make me gift this to my advanced yogi friends.

This water bottle keeps your water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. An excellent option for any of the yogis out there who love drinking herbal teas but fear their water will get cold.

Sanitize your LARQ bottle with just one touch, and the cleaning process is done for you. Also, this is great for sustainable bloomers who desire a replacement for plastic bottles. 

Thanks to its insulated double wall vacuum feature, it doesn’t sweat whether you pour in hot or cold liquid.  


Space keeper Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder 

yoga teacher


Photo Source: Spacekeeper

This incense holder will be perfect if you want to give your yoga teacher or a wellness-conscious yogi a gift. It is a unique gift that adds color and a sweet essence to every yoga space. Watching the incense burn and flow from the waterfall is plain fun and super satisfying.  

Best Yoga Gifts  

One of the best ways to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces is by gift giving, whether it’s a special occasion or not. It’s never a bad idea to splurge on friends and family. This list covers all the great ideas for yoga gifts, so you can have many options to choose from.

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